Children's Hospital

logo_0009_10.pngChildren's Clinical University Hospital is the only specialized children's multi-profile medical treatment institution in Latvia that provides emergency,secondary and tertiary health care outpatient, day-patient and in-patient services.

Specialists of Children's Hospital provide a wide range of treatment and health care in the treatment of complicated and complex illness casesAll theprocesses in our hospital are organized so that the patient receives the most effective, safe and the best  quality treatment and care. It is realized throughfollowing the international experience and achievements in medical science and research, and by implementing these principles in the practice.

In surgery the most effective operating notices and methods of treatment are used that are recognized at an international level, such as: laparoscopy,thoracoscopyarthroscopymicrosurgery and others, which reduce the risks of complications and significantly eliminate the recovery and rehabilitationperiod. Complex diagnostic and treatment services are provided through highly qualified and professional support services.

We offer services in the following therapeutic and diagnostic areas:
 Children's cardiology and cardiac surgery;
 Children's surgery;
• Child neurology and neurosurgery;
 Eye diseases;
 Anesthesia and intensive care;
 Medical Genetics;
 Diagnostic radiology;
 Functional diagnostics;


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