The Clinic of Dermatology and Surgery is the largest and most up-to-date dermatology centre in Latvia, it was established following the best practices of foreign experts.  Diagnosing and treating various dermatology illnesses, eliminating aesthetic problems and performing unique skin restoration procedures. 



The clinic provides all kinds of diagnostic of skin diseases:

  • optical and digital dermoscopy,
  • diagnostic ultrasonography,
  • SIAscopy,
  • confocal laser miscroscopy,
  • digital dermoscopy with MoleMax technology,
  • and others.

The clinic also performs outpatient operations and laser surgery for removal of benignant skin formations – birthmarks, papillomas, fibromas. It diagnoses and offers treatment for various skin and oncological diseases. The clinic liquidates abnormal blood vessels or hemangiomas, “port wine” stains, inflammatious eruption, vascular anomalities on the face, legs and other body parts. Also, the clinic offers scar tissue treatment and laser therapy for tattoo removal, permanent make-up and pigment.

Clinic specialists' professional skills and vast lasertechnology advantages allow to reach excellent results and obtain obvious improvement of skin and visual looks.

Cosmetic skin treatments, using a wide array of lasers and IPL equipment:

  • Removal of benevolent skin growth (birthmarks, papillomas, warts, fibromas, etc.)
  • Removal of malevolent skin growth
  • Removal of blood vessel formations, widened capillaries, pigmentation and inflammatory rash
  • Removal of scar tissue
  • Removal of tattoos
  • Botulinum toxin and other injections
  • Photorejuvenation — renewal of skin colour and elasticity and removal of fine lines

The clinic provides patients a pleasant and comfortable environment, where each visit brings truly positive emotions.

The Clinic of Dermatology and Surgery is one of the few private clinics in Latvia that has the ISO certificate, which attests to the impeccable quality of the services provided by the clinic.

Skanstes Street 50, 5th building, 3th floor, Riga, Latvia; ph. +371 67847102; +371 28381189 

Virtual tour of clinic: Dermatology and surgery clinic 

Riga office: Str.Baznīcas 31, Rīga, Latvia. +371 202 116 11,