Plastic Surgery


This clinic, established in 1992, is equipped with modern medical equipment that complies with the world’s highest standards, thus providing a secure environment that offers excellent, highly-dependable results in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.

Dr. Gilis, a plastic surgeon with 25 years experience in plastic surgery and micro surgery, is the sole representative of The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) in the Baltic states. Together with a team of highly qualified doctors, Dr. Gilis performs, daily, both minimally invasive, and highly complicated plastic surgeries, of face and body. Included in this list of surgeries are: All types of breast enhancement and reconstruction, using implants of the latest technology as well as biodynamic technologies tailored for each woman’s individual needs. For men there is also available: Cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries for genitals, and reversals of vasectomies. Moreover, the clinic’s specialty: The latest cosmetic injections — the newest field of aesthetic medicine — produce noticeable results, quickly.

More information:

Riga office: Str.Baznīcas 31, Rīga, Latvia. +371 202 116 11,