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logo_0008_9.pngLeg vein diseases cause both medical and cosmetic issues. The widespreadness of the diseases has contributed to a rapid development of phlebology (vein research and treatment) all over the world, including Latvia. Vein varicose is one of the most common diseases and 26% of women and 24% of men are suffering from the disease. Currently, almost every second person aged 30 to 70 who is living in comfortable conditions in the countries of civilized world has vein diseases.

Over the last decade, the modern and minimally-invasive methods (EVLT, RFO, SVS and bioglue for vein covering) have taken an important place in the treatment of vein diseases. Even if initially the methods came from Germany and USA, a great amount of minimally-invasive and modern vein surgery proportionally to the classical vein surgery are made in Latvia where the sector of phlebology has gradually developed over last 15 years. In Latvia, the Health Centre 4 began the treatment of leg veins already in 1999 and the surgery since 2000.

Currently, the Baltic Vein clinic is the largest and most modern vein treatment clinic in Baltics. It was established at the highest international standards building on the experience of other countries, integrating the best and creating its own best Latvian model. The expanded vein diagnostic and treatment using all modern methods and their combinations applied in the world all are available in one medical institution. 

An accurate diagnostic is crucial in order to achieve the expected result, choose the best solution and provide an efficient therapy. When examination and treatment are performed timely, it is possible to prevent the development of the disease because frequently, the first symptoms of the vein disease as well as hidden forms of varicose cannot be seen with a naked eye. In Latvia, there is an opportunity to perform an expanded, accurate Duplex ultrasonography and computed tomography for blood vessels with the up-to-date Premium class equipment – the computed tomographic phlebography used to assess the expanse of the thrombosis of deep veins. It is possible to examine the deep veins only segmentary if you use other examination methods, but the computed tomographic phlebography provides an opportunity to see all the deep vein system in entirety.

Baltic vein clinic offers comprehensive vein diagnostics: 

  • Accurate duplex ultrasonics for blood vessels with the latest Premium class USG equipment
  • Computed tomographic phlebography
  • Other laboratory, visual and functional diagnostic methods

The most suitable treatment method for each patient is found to achieve the best results. In Latvia, there are various methods applied, such as:endoluminal vein laser therapy – EVLT, endoluminal vein radiofrequency surgery – RFO, EVRF, as well as endovenous thermal ablation with steam microimpulses – SVS, endovenous vein closure using bioglue and sclerotherapy. The very latest method in the vein treatment is endovenous vein closure using bioglue, which is absolutely painless, does not make any harm to surrounding tissues, there is no need for a tumescent anaesthesia and compression stockings, and patients can begin again their daily routine right after the procedure.

Baltic Vein clinic provides all modern vein treatment:

  • Vein laser surgery
  • Radio frequency surgery
  • Steam micro impulse surgery
  • Vein closure using biological glue
  • Sclerotherapy (using foam)

In Baltic Vein clinic, the global level has also been achieved in treatment of cosmetic defects – closing micro blood capillaries both on the face and legs (Trans cutaneous laser therapy), when Nd:Yag, Diode and KTP lasers are applied as well as superficial veins are closed with an intense pulsing light. Thermocoagulation and trans cutaneous RF therapy – an opportunity to close the smallest capillaries. Sclerotherapy in the foam and liquid technic as well as elimination of effect of skin pigmentation caused by venous insufficiency.

Treatment of cosmetic defects:

  • Trans cutaneous laser therapy
  • IPL
  • Thermocoagulation
  • Sclerotherapy (using the fluid technique)
  • As well as removal of facial pigmentation caused by venous insufficiency.

Over the last few years, Latvia has become one of the super powers in vein disease treatment along the homeland of phlebology – Germany. The professionals have permanently set off to foreign countries to acquire competence under the guidance of the best blood vessel surgeons and phlebologs; however, over the last years Latvia already is serving as a centre of scientific researches and training of new technologies. Today, the leading blood vessel surgeons and phlebologs are visiting Latvia aiming to exchange the experience an mentioning that very few medical institutions in Germany is providing such a level of diagnostics and treatment as it is provided in Latvia. Over the last few years, the vein treatment professionals of the Baltic Vein clinic have trained many physicians from Estonia, Lithuania, Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, USA and other countries.

Baltic Vein clinic is ISO certificate in accordance with the ISO standard 9001:2008, and the clinic has contracts with 5 foreign health insurance companies.


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