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Health Center 4 was ranked 1st in the section Public, Social and Individual Services of Company Reputation Top 2016


On 9 June the Academic Centre of Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia hosted the official awarding ceremony of Company Reputation Top 2016 during which the companies and directors of the companies with the highest reputation were announced.

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Newly is opened restored with the support of the ERDF The House of Genetics of The Children`s Hospital


On Wednesday, June 8th, one more restored building of The Children`s Hospital was opened – The House of Genetics, where hereinafter will be found The Clinic of Medical Genetics and Prenatal Diagnostics and The Genetic Laboratory. The area was restored with ERDF co-financing. 

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Summer offer from Infertility treatment Clinic EGV


Summer has been considered the time of fertility and maturity since ancient times. Clinic EGV invites everyone to enjoy the summer and look for fertility not only in ferns. Clinic EGV offers 50% discount for the consultation of gynaecologist-fertility specialist for every foreign patient in June and July. 

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Snore can be a symptom of a dangerous disease


Artis Svaža, head of Sleep Disorder Centre, says that 5% of all European population suffer from the obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSA), but in the USA this figure reaches up to 10%. There are about 100,000 patients with OSA in Latvia, but only 1/20 of them consulted a doctor to confirm the diagnosis and start treatment. What symptoms can suggest that I have sleep apnea and what does the treatment process involve?

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Dr. Ints Ūdris from Baltic Vein Clinic spoke at the International Symposium on Endovenous Vein Treatment


The 4th International Symposium on Endovenous Vein Treatment using cyanoacrylate adhesive or "bioadhesive" method (VenaSeal™ system) was held in Mainz (Germany) on 16 April 2016.

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Health Centre 4 organizes vein health months in spring


Within the frameworks of this campaign from March 1 until April 30, we provide SPECIAL PRICES for diagnostics of venous diseases and vein surgeries in the Health Centre 4 Baltic Vein Clinics and other branches of HC4!

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Stem cell therapy using stem cells from the patient's own adipose tissues


Mesenchymal stem cells (cells derived from the patient's own tissues) therapy has been successfully applied in the world for a long time.  Inga Zemīte, Capital Clinic Riga trichologist, learned the new method abroad and started applying it in Latvia. 

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Preventive medicine. Genetic tests at Capital Clinic Riga


Preventive medicine focuses on maintaining physical and mental health of an individual as long as possible; it consists of prevention of several diseases and anti-aging medicine, both aimed to perform a preventive control of organism aging process throughout one's life, to avoid risk factors and precisely choose the most suitable kind of prevention (change of lifestyle, recommended medication, vitamins, microelements, food, recommended additional tests, etc.)

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ORTO Clinics’ new Physiotherapy Department


Thinking about comfort of ORTO Clinic patients, in December 2015 the clinic expanded its activities and opened a branch of the Physiotherapy Department in Pārdaugava, at 61 Nometņu Street – opposite the Āgenskalns market. Spacious, light and well-equipped premises are available for patients. 

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HC4 Clinic of Dermatology received the Award for Quality


On December 3 at a ceremonial event at the Munster Hall of the Large Guild, with Minister of Health Guntis Belēvičs in the audience, the Awards for Quality of Medical Institutions 2015 were handed out. The winners (Clinic of Dermatology of the Health Centre 4 (HC4) among them) are Latvian medical institutions who had voluntarily applied their organizations for operational assessment in accordance with internationally recognized quality management system criteria for health care institutions.

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