HC4 Clinic of Dermatology received the Award for Quality


In line with results of the expert assessment, the Awards for Quality were granted under four nominations. The quality award under nomination “Surgical Profile Division” went to the Traumatology Unit of the Vidzeme Hospital. The award under nomination “Maternity Division” went to the Maternity Unit of the Jurmala Hospital, but Clinical Nuclear Medicine Unit of the Clinic of Therapeutic Radiology and Medical Physics, East Hospital was awarded under nomination “Oncology Profile Division”. The HC4 Clinic of Dermatology received the highest expert assessment under nomination “Health Centre”.

This year there were nine medical institutions competing for the Awards for Quality of Latvian Medical Institutions 2015. All candidates were assessed by a team of experts in accordance with worldwide clearly defined quality management system principles and criteria, including self-assessment and external assessment, covering all major risk areas of the medical institution. The operations of each institution were assessed in five areas: management procedures and responsibility; staff competence; safe environment for patients and employees; clinical care for patients; development of quality and safety.

The Awards for Quality of Latvian Medical Institutions serve as an acknowledgement of an effort to improve services provided by the medical institution and ability to improve performance indicators. The purpose of the awards is to introduce the quality management in medical institutions, as well as to educate medical institutions on importance of the quality management and how it helps to comply with provisions imposed upon medical institutions by regulatory enactments and to persistently improve the quality and efficiency of the services provided.

The competition for Awards for Quality for the third time was organized by the Latvian Health Economy Association (LHEA) and Latvian Society for Quality. This year the competition was also supported by the Ministry of Health. The Awards for Quality of Latvian Medical Institutions were handed out for the first time in 2013, when the Surgery Unit of the HC4 Baltic Vein Clinic with a day hospital was awarded under the nomination “Surgical Profile Division”. Zane Rēvalde, the head of the HC4 Baltic Vein Clinic and Clinic of Dermatology, said that she strongly believes that the award will serve as an inspiration for further work on quality.


            “Our clinics are truly proud of our highly qualified, multidisciplinary and up-to-date team of medical professionals, who gladly work on our quality standards, maintain them and help to improve. It is highly important because there is nothing we value more than quality,” concluded Z. Rēvalde.

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