Preventive medicine. Genetic tests at Capital Clinic Riga


The goal of preventive medicine is to optimize state of health satisfactory at any age BEFORE a disease develops, is diagnosed and treated.


At Capital Clinic Riga clients are consulted by Dr. med. Jana Janovska

Preventive medicine specialist,

Chairman of Baltic Association of anti-aging and preventive medicine,

Lecturer of Internal diseases department at Riga Stradinsa University (RSU) and RSU scientific researcher.

Dr. Jana Janovska for several years mastered preventive medicine knowledge in Paris and Luxembourg.


Dr. med. Jana Janovska: "Of course, physiologically we all grow old and will do, the question is – how fast and what kind of life quality we will have. In general, preventive and personalized medicine is our future, as up to now we basically combat consequences; preventive medicine ensures not quite anti age, but slow age effect. Especially during menopause and andropause, when bone density decreases, deep wrinkles appear and aging processes develop very fast. Men face rapidly developing cardiovascular disease, prostate adenoma, erectile dysfunction, Parkinsonism. But both woman and man, with the right therapy chosen, can have an active and satisfactory life at the age of 70 as well."



Genetic tests that help to evaluate DNA cells, as a preventive measure are widely used over the world for more than 20 years already. With the help of genetic tests gene changes can be diagnosed very early and respective disease progress risk factors, allowing to protect the gene against mutation.

Our clinic offers cancer genetic predisposition tests, as well as various other disease prevention tests. Various test packages available – according to wishes, symptoms, results of previous analysis and genetic risk factors. Genetic analysis are particularly important for patients of increased risk group – if someone in the family had any oncological disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, brain stroke, migraine, autoimmune diseases and psychiatric disorders, depression.


Cancer genetic predisposition tests

In collaboration with "Asper Biotech" our clinic offers two cancer genetic predisposition test panels:

Cancer genetic predisposition tests panel (93 genes)

Cancer genetic predisposition tests panel (108 genes)

Tests suitable both for completely healthy people and those whose family members or closest relatives have ever diagnosed a tumor. Test panels include 93 or 108 different gene mutation tests, including most common tumors, like breast cancer, colorectal cancer, as well as rare forms of tumor.

4 ml of venous blood sample is taken and then delivered to "Asper Biotech" laboratory in Tartu, where tests are carried out. After 12 weeks Capital Clinic Riga receives an answer on mutations found in blood sample. The description includes both genetic and medical explanation and recommended preventive measures, which are explained to client by doctor of our clinic during the final visit. Read more>>


Various disease tests

To find out one's genetic codes, only one saliva test during a lifetime is necessary. No specific preparation required, only a half an hour before the patient should not eat and smoke. Biomaterial obtained from the person is delivered to a particular laboratory. The results are received in about a month. They show changes in genes, as well as risk factors for development of respective diseases. Doctor, specialized in preventive medicine, studies, interprets, explains them and provides patient with further suggestions on how to maintain his state of health.

Several genetic tests are available, related to weight gain, autoimmune system, dermatology, gynaecology, gastroenterology, neurology. When the test is completed and patient has received first recommendations, information of every tested person is stored in database. Repeated analyses and tests are not necessary – saliva genetic test has to be done only once, as human DNA does not change during the life.

Description of the process

– Client comes to the consultation, medical history, groups of risk are fixed

– 30 minutes before test collecting patient should not eat and smoke

– Test material – saliva – is collected

– Biomaterial is delivered to European laboratory (in Luxembourg); here in a month time an answer is prepared on potential diseases, risk factors during lifetime

– Client arrives to a repeated appointment with preventive medicine specialist, who explains test results and advice on preventive measures, provides appropriate therapy, if necessary

BASICgen – initial analysis primary phase and preventive medicine investigation method, giving an indication of body's possible genetic mutation, allowing to evaluate body's capacity to repair, disease development possibility and to improve treatment of chronic diseases

SKINgen – for patients who wish to optimize health of the skin, allowing to evaluate risk of skin disease development

ALOPECIAgen – for woman and men in age group ranging from 20 – 30 years, with a positive family history related to scalp hair loss or in case of ineffective therapy

DIABETgen – helps to identify early signs related to type 2 diabetes development

FEMgen – this analysis allows to analyze individual side-effect development risks of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT, – it runs counter to physiological aging; as necessary, missing hormones are replaces artificially, for some woman side-effects in form of thrombosis and breast cancer may develop)

CARDIOgen – if family history shows a case of cardiovascular disease, disposition to cardiovascular diseases, arterial hypertension (increased cholesterol, dyslipidemia or congenital heart malformation, vulvular stenosis, regurgitation, arrhythmia)

COLOgen – gives information about relative colorectal cancer development risk; colorectal carcinoma is widespread form of cancer with high mortality if not diagnosed at an early stage

PROSTATAEgen – recommend for men having prostate cancer cases in family history (screening method and predisposition to disease development)

DETOXgen – recommended for persons with idiopathic energy loss, weakness, allergies, fatigue, atopic disclosures (bronchial asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis, atopic dermatitis)

OXIgen – oxidative stress prevention, recommended for persons with inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases, chronic fatigue, physical or intellectual stress, for those who smoke or drink too much alcohol, take medicine or have received chemotherapy, radiotherapy, for woman who take peroral contraception

WEIGHTgen – for everyone, who wants to optimize weight (as genetic predisposition is a serious factor that influences obesity development or complicates weight-loss process)



Each has its own beginning of aging process, but in the world it is considered, that it starts shortly after the age of 25, furthermore, morphological changes in blood vessels start already at the age of 12–13, at post-pubertal period.

The best time to carry out medical examinations, that will show both the quality of further life and premature aging development risk, in order to have physically and psychologically active, healthy and happy life not only at the age of 30 but 50 as well, is after the age of 25.


This medical concept is worlds apart, prolonging lifespan and quality. This is about body as a whole, not only about esthetic ageing signs – not only wrinkles, hydration problems, depigmentation or some premalignant skin conditions; this is about activity of all organs, about cardiovascular system, about satisfied sexual life, about sleep/vigil balance, about a good ability to concentrate and retentive memory, irrespective of age.

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