Stem cell therapy using stem cells from the patient's own adipose tissues


Great potential of adipose tissue stem cells

It is well known that adipose tissue is a significant repository of vital cells of the body, including stem and so-called progenitor cell, therefore medical specialists around the world are greatly interested in their potential use for people's benefit. The fact that stem cell are used during therapy as a regenerative or restorative agent is not recent: studies and use of discoveries in veterinary medicine shows how effective stem cell therapy can be – it has been used in treatment of thousands of animals, such as dogs and horses, to restore damaged joints, cartilages and bones, to ensure overall recovery and increase stamina.

Having assessed the effect of the method, many medical centres all over the world apply this therapy for people, using stem cells from the patient's own adipose tissues containing a large number of dormant stem cells (it was discovered that a particularly large number of these particular cells – pericytes – is found in the adipose tissues near the walls of blood vessels). They are activated in case of special needs, for instance, in situations when tissues are damaged. When cells are activated, it results in regenerative and healing process which restores functional tissue activity.

The ability of these cells to restore atrophic and degenerative tissue changes is used in mesenchymal stem cell therapy, as these changes occur when the body is ageing. It means that during this special procedure these cells are collected, activated and injected in the tissues requiring regeneration.

Stem cell therapy is applied and studied in the world to prevent hair loss (alopecia), and to treat arthrosis, joint issues and sports injuries, and other diseases.


How to obtain the stem cells required for the procedure?

Mesenchymal stem cells are obtained from the patient's own adipose tissues. The amount of fat that is required to obtain cells is obtained by miniliposuction. About 80-100 ml of fat are necessary to achieve therapeutic effect. As compared with classic liposuction, when up to a few kilograms of adipose tissues are sucked away, the amount of fat necessary for the procedure is really negligible. Miniliposuction is performed under local anaesthesia, using tumescence solution, which ensures analgesic function, stops the bleeding and ensures fat splitting. The obtained adipose tissue is separated, washed, split and used for stem cell extraction during a special procedure.

The stem cells are activated in the patient's own PRP (platelet rich plasma) solution, using additionally special monochromatic light.


The material obtained after stem cell activation is injected with intradermal injection (under the skin) into tissues that require regeneration activation. Stem cells injected into the skin of the head produce growth factors and cytokines thus helping "broadcast" growth signals and contributing to formation of new hair follicles.

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Only autologous tissues derived from the patient are used during the entire procedure, therefore there is no risk of infection, immune system rejection, or allergy.

The procedure is performed during one day, in the same clinic, under constant supervision of a certified physician ("point of care therapy" principle).

The aim of the procedure is to restore functionality and quality of the tissues. The therapeutic effect or result can be usually seen in 1-3 months. The effect of any method, including stem cell therapy, may differ and be individual, and there is no 100% guarantee.

Trichologist's consultation is necessary during the preparatory stage of the therapy; blood tests, trichogram, and examination of possible infections of the scalp must be performed.

Trichologist's repeated consultation is required 3 days after the procedure or immediately in case of any problems. Follow-up visit – in 3, 6 and 9 months.


Combined treatment is more efficient

Capital Clinic Riga also offers PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) method for hair loss treatment; this method is relatively much more simple procedure (the material to be injected is obtained from the patient's blood, when during special blood processing a number of growth factors are isolated from the blood platelet alpha granules, including platelet growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor, transforming growth factor beta, insulin-like growth factor and many others) performed once a month three or more times in a row, and can be repeated if necessary.

Both methods can also be combined, as the experience has shown that PRS can activate the injected stem cells.

Such combined therapy ensures growth of stronger and thicker hair.


Stem cell therapy for treatment of hair loss: studies confirm its efficiency

A new study conducted in the USA confirmed that in case of genetically determined hair loss (alopecia), that has been the greatest challenge for hair specialists, stem cell therapy may provide good results, and hair transplantation may not be required. 9 out of 10 patients who participated in the study demonstrated good results after the stem cell therapy: hair thickness in patients increased by 17-29% within six months.

Introductory price of the procedure: 3500 EUR


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