Latest generation endoscopy video system Olympus EVIS EXERA III will be now available in Health Centre 4!


Latest generation endoscopy video system Olympus EVIS EXERA III will be now available at the affiliate of the Health Centre 4, Centre of Diagnostics

Evis EXERA III is the latest generation video endoscopy system manufactured by the German company Olympus. This system allows performing high quality examinations in gastroenterology – upper endoscopy or gastroscopy and lower endoscopy or colonoscopy.

Contemporary medicine can not be imagined without excellent diagnostic systems to provide more accurate and timelier diagnostics, therefore Health Centre 4 follows the development of medical technologies and continuously invests resources into acquirement of latest and most progressive equipments. It is possible to perform high quality examinations – an invaluable part of doctor’s job - with those devices.


In comparison to endoscopy systems of previous generations, the new Evis EXERA III has several unique advantages:

  • It provides HDTV image quality (it means excellent quality for more precise diagnosis). 
  • Advanced imaging features provide new image documentation and comparison options. 
  • Ability to obtain digital images of high resolution for determination and evaluation of even slightest alterations in the structure of mucous membrane. 
  • Close-up view options – up to the cell level – for more qualitative evaluation of alterations.
  • Possibility to view mucous membrane in special light filter regimen (NBI) that allows evaluating capillary network and differentiating pathological tissues from normal already at the onset of illness by evaluating capillary network.
  • You can view tissues in high quality and in such proximity that was not possible before (dual focus) - 2 mm from the wall of the mucous membrane.
  • Control system of the device has been significantly improved facilitating treatment both for the physician and for the patient.

Upper endoscopy or gastroscopy is examinations of oesophagus, stomach and duodenum. This is the most precise method for timely diagnostics and treatment of stomach – intestines illnesses. During the treatment special optical device is inserted into digestive system through the mouth of the patient – flexible pipe having a source of light and camera in one end; therefore physician can see on the screen mucous membrane of the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum in all details.



Lower endoscopy or colonoscopy is examination of large intestine. Examination is performed through anus. Colonoscopy uses optical device – flexible tube having source of light and camera in one end; on the screen physician can see mucous membrane of the large intestine in all details. (Colonoscopy examination provides exceptional close-up views to the diagnosed spot). To make the examination more caring to the patient, the new colonoscop has significantly improved the inserted part of endoscope. That makes the treatment significantly easier both for the physician and patient. Endoscope is easily controllable and its high resolution and advanced control are main features that allows physician to perform high quality evaluation of the mucous membrane of the large intestine and rectum, basically not permitting any omissions of possible pathological changes in intestines. Besides during colonoscopy you can perform also various medical manipulations, for example, take mucous membrane samples for tests, perform polypectomy – eliminate polyps (up to 4 mm), stop bleeding etc. 

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