Multifunctional PHOTON Dynamis SP laser also for the elimination of blood vessels


Multifunctional PHOTON Dynamis SP laser also for the elimination of blood vessels

PHOTON Dynamis SP laser technology that is currently available also in Latvia in the new HC4 Capital Clinic Riga offers possibility to solve both health and aesthetics problems. It can also eliminate tiny blood-vessels both from face and the whole body. Besides this technology allows safely controlling temperature created by every impulse, allowing avoid side-effects that can be caused by excessive thermal impact on tissues.

During the Rejuvenation treatment skin becomes not only more even and smoother but as a result of the treatment large amount of collagen is formed again creating dermal plastic effect with positive side effect – elimination of unwanted tiny blood vessels on face. First collagen fibres start to appear three weeks after the treatment but already after the month – effect is already clearly visible. To attain the best results you will usually need to treatments with an interval of one month.

If the respective indications are present, during the Bio-revitalization treatment laser allows to very effectively get rid of the tiny blood-vessels that make the skin unpleasantly red, especially during winter season.

You can eliminate tiny blood-vessels from all your body, including legs where tiny webs of veins form most frequently. Also it is possible to get rid of the inborn haemangioma, angioceratoma that form due to the aging of the skin, from enlarged veins on lips harming the visual appearance.

This PHOTON combined medical laser technology platform unites two types of lasers – Er: YAG and Nd: YAG. They act differently on the tissues of the humans but when those lasers are used in combinations or supplementing one another it is obtain ideal effect.


Er: YAG (infrared, 2940 nm) 

Er: YAG laser in dermatology and aesthetic medicine is called a golden standard to be used in laser surgery and rejuvenation of the skin. It provides a step by step action on the thin layer of epidermis.                  

ND: YAG (infrared, 1064 nm)

Nd: YAG laser absorbs in human tissues most homogenously. Therefore it is perfectly suitable for surgical manipulations, disinfection and treatment of the deeper layers of tissues. In dermatology and aesthetic medicine it is usually applied in manipulations requiring selective thermal action, for example, for the elimination of excessive hair or formations of blood-vessels, enlarged capillaries, elimination of deep blood-vessels. It can be applied for all skin types.

Besides PHOTON Dynamis SP laser technology can be used not only in aesthetic medicine and phlebology but also in dermatology and gynaecology due to the multifunctional treatment possibilities it offers.

 Some of the options offered by this laser are a complete novelty in Latvia, for example, for the prevention of enuresis, syndrome of vagina sagging andtreatment of nail fungus.


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