The candidate for the mission to Mars Pauls Irbins is ready to leave Earth and move to Mars.


Pauls Irbins from Cēsis who was selected out of more than 200,000 applicants to participate in the mission to Mars scheduled for the nearest future is diligently preparing for the unprofitable project Mars One. To make sure that the health won't prevent him from participation in this important mission, Pauls Irbins underwent all necessary health check-ups in Capital Clinic Riga. 

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In early 2013 applications were accepted for participation in this unique, seemingly unrealistic project Mars One, which aims to create a human settlement on Mars by 2023, sending several volunteers within 10-15 years, who will create a permanent settlement for people without the possibility to return to Earth. After the first round the pool of candidates declined significantly, but there is still a representative of Latvia among the candidates - Pauls Irbins, employee of Cēsis Municipality and space research fan. 

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According to the detailed instructions of the project Mars One, Pauls Irbins got ready for the second elimination round of the project which includes various health check-ups and tests. Thus the candidate must prove his willingness to the qualifying jury to undergo astronaut training - to be able to leave Earth and move to Mars, the candidates must undergo seven-year training. 

 Pauls Irbins underwent the health check-up in the new, modern clinic Capital Clinic Riga. Check-up programmes allow us to assess the actual health status of each client and, if necessary, begin treatment, to reveal pathologies, changes, deviations from the norm, risks at the earliest possible stage, and to eliminate them as effectively as possible. The programmes are designed to assess the health status of all the major systems of the body in the shortest time span without staying in hospital. As we all are different, an individual check-up programme can be adapted for each patient, depending on his/her age, wishes, and health status. First of all the effect of the lifestyle, dependencies, stress, load and other circumstances on the health should be evaluated. It is important to understand that undiagnosed health issues and untreated diseases may have adverse effects. More and more people appreciate the significance of preventive health check-up for the quality of life, as we all wish to live a long and beautiful life, be healthy and happy both on Earth and Mars.

Capital Clinic Riga has unique technologies and diagnostic methods which are combined with professionalism and competence of the best physicians to ensure perfect opportunities to assess the clients' health status. 

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