Take pity on your companions!


Increased sweating may hinder normal integration into the society, complicate communication with other people and the opposite sex, and achievements in professional area. In order to reduce sweating and unpleasant smell caused by it, there are various deodorants and antiperspirant available. However they do not always help to get rid of discomfort in case of pronounced hyperthyroidism. The existing most efficient sweating reducing method in aesthetic medicine - subcutaneous botulinum toxin injections - has been joined by the new evidence-based Alma SweatX radiofrequency procedure. Find out more about this procedure - unique in the Baltic countries  http://www.dimensija.lv/news/jaunums-baltija-svisanas-mazinasanai-sak-pielietot-radiofrekvences-energiju-

In December the beauty clinic 4th Dimension of Heath Centre 4 gives 50% discount for Alma SweatX sweating reducing radiofrquency procedure. Seize this opportunity to use introduction price and leave sweating behind!


Sensation of freshness makes people feel happy and free, and closer to each other... Enjoy it!

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