Riga and Latvia

Latvia is an attractive country and easily accessible for medical tourism.

Riga International Airport (RIX) has made the capital of Latvia, the hub for Baltic air travel; offering flights to 81 destinations. At the same time Riga is easy to reach by train, bus or even a ferry!

Riga — an inspirational city, drenched in ancient history, with cultural breezes drifting down cobblestone streets; Riga is certain to offer an interesting and unforgettable respite during your time of treatment and recovery.

Latvia’s moderate climate — lacking excessively hot and extremely cold temperatures — is conducive to healing after surgery or other treatments.

Welcome to Latvia!

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Riga office: Str.Baznīcas 31, Rīga, Latvia. +371 202 116 11, info@baltic-care.eu