Ukrainian vascular surgeons are taught by the best Latvian phlebologists


Baltic Vein Clinic (BVC) of the Health Centre 4 holds the leading position in diagnostics and treatment of leg vein diseases. The clinic is the largest, most modern and most experienced medical facility in the Baltic region, which uses all the most modern and latest technologies of vein treatment. Our Ukrainian colleagues Vitaly Prasol*, Inna Pulyaeva** and Evgeny Cherkasheninov*** from Kharkov could see it for themselves during the training in the field of vein surgery within the existing training programme at the Health Centre 4 (HC4).

Physicians of HC4 Jugla Clinic participated in patients' consultations conducted by phlebologist, vascular surgeon Vladislavs Semeņuks in the out-patients' department and gained practical experience in venous duplex ultrasound. They also performed an endovenous laser surgery together with Pēteris Gerke, head of the Department of Surgery at HC4, in the HC4 Baltic Vein Clinic.

The leading BVC specialist, vascular surgeon, phlebologist Ints Ūdris performed several surgeon's show cases applying bioadhesive and thermal steam occlusion microimpulse (SVS) technique. Since these techniques are not yet available in Ukraine, foreign guests highly appreciated the advantages of each technique.

Vascular surgeon Vitaly Prasol noted that he had learned the ultrasound diagnostics of varicose veins and other venous pathologies and found out about all treatment options of varicose diseases during his training at BVC. "I have not seen such wide range of techniques and equipment anywhere in the world, except for this clinic. I also would like to note that the personnel and physicians are very welcoming. I would like to express my immense gratitude to the management of the Health Centre 4 which gave us this unique opportunity to undergo training at BVC," said V. Prasol.

Vascular surgeon Inna Pulyaeva said that during five days in Riga, in the clinics of Health Centre 4 she had had the opportunity to make sure of the high medical level and physicians' knowledge allowing them to provide training. "I will definitely recommend Baltic Vein Clinic to Ukrainian patients looking for foreign clinics to treat varicose diseases and going to Germany or Israel, as this clinic will undoubtedly provide high quality treatment," said I. Pulyaeva.

* Leading surgeon, Head of the Department at V.T. Zaytsev Institute of Acute Joint Diseases, General and Emergency Surgery of NAMS of Ukraine.

* Research assistant, practitioner and operating phlebologist, V.T. Zaytsev Institute of Acute Joint Diseases, General and Emergency Surgery of NAMS of Ukraine.


*** Cardiovascular surgeon of the Department of Arterial and Venous Pathologies, Regional Clinical Hospital No.1, vascular surgeon, Oxford Medical - Kharkiv.

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