Screening of Oncologic Diseases at Capital Clinic Riga


Data of the Centre of Disease Prevention and Control (CDPC) indicates that unfortunately sickness rate with malignant tumours is growing in Latvia – provisional date say that in 2013 the number of first time diseases reached at least 10.9 thousand (in 2003 there were 9337 cases). Statistics of the World Health Organisation indicate that more than 10% of fatal events are related to oncologic diseases.

Good piece of news is the fact that malignant tumours are increasingly more discovered in early stages and that makes treatment of the diseases much more effective.

Modern medicine does not consider oncologic diseases as incurable, especially now when informative methods of diagnostics are available. Most important is to discover symptoms and early signs of disease as soon as possible.

Therefore clinic Capital Clinic Riga has created special programs for the early diagnostics of the cancer "Screening of Oncologic Diseases" that allow to evaluate illness of each patient in maximally short amount of time without hospitalizing, and detect risks of oncologic diseases and commence timely treatment if necessary.

Capital Clinic Riga possesses unique technological and diagnostics methods that in combination with the professionalism and expertise of the best doctors provide perfect options for evaluation of the health condition of clients.

IMPORTANT! The most significant thing in the prevention of malignant tumours is timely discovery of the disease that includes visits to the doctor, performance of regular prophylactic examinations and screenings.


Health Check Program "Screening of Oncologic Diseases"

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