Genetic testing - novelty in the Baltic states


The samples from a patient are taken by and the results, when received from the laboratory, are interpreted and explained by Dr. Jana Janovska, a dermatologist, preventive medicine specialist, president of the Baltic Anti-aging and Preventive Medicine, lecturer at the Internal Diseases Department, educated in Luxembourg.

The genetic testing for preventive examination of DNA cells have been vastly used all over the world for more than 15 years. Since there is a trend to invest more money and time in preventive steps in order to solve both traditional dermatological and skin-esthetics issues, many European clinics of esthetic dermatology use these genetic tests as a screening method. That is a future-guided vision with a goal to monitor, through preventive measures, the aging process, to avoid risk factors, and to choose type of prophylaxis most suitable for you for the rest of the life. “A lot of patients undergo birthmark-diagnostics because there is a skin cancer in their family’s anamnesis. Naturally, once a year you can undergo this “technical inspection” and have a good night’s sleep. But you can also undergo this genetic testing and examine all risk factors. Of course, upon receiving good results which state that everything is all right, it does not mean that you can live an unhealthy lifestyle, have an unlimited solarium-time and sunbathe without sunscreen etc., for these risk factors may contribute to the development of a skin cancer,” says Dr. Jana Janovska.

You may choose from different testing packages (weight-gain, anti-aging, autoimmune, dermatological, gynecological, cardiological, gastroenterological, neurological/psychiatric and other diseases) according to your interests, symptoms, testing results, financial capabilities, and genetic risk factors.

During the visit a doctor fills-in a patient’s form and, if necessary, performs additional measurements. Later, the patient places his or her testing material (saliva) in a special container, and this biomaterial is then sent to one of the best laboratories in Europe to be examined. The testing results are received within a month. The result-overview clearly shows changes in genes and risk factors in terms of development of a respective disease; furthermore, the result-overview details preventive suggestions (lifestyle adjustment, recommended drugs, vitamins, microelements, products (type and amount thereof), desirable additional examinations etc.) in order to protect the respective gene against mutations. According to the doctor, preventive screening may be initiated with a basic package. If there are some risk factors revealed in terms of development of any diseases, you may later perform an additional examination. The genetic testing may be performed also on children right after the birth, for there is a special pediatrics package available.

It is not necessary to prepare yourself for the testing in any special way; you are only not allowed to eat and smoke 30 minutes before providing the saliva-sample. 

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