The pulmonary valve implanted in child using the newest technology without a surgery


Using this newest technology the valve was implanted to child through a leg vein without a surgical intervention. Girl felt very good after this manipulation and was discharged on the third day. Earlier in such cases were conducted an open-heart surgeries that normally takes about two weeks treatment in a hospital, of which a few days in the intensive care unit. Besides, usually such complicated surgeries implies a massive blood loss which is compensated by a blood transfusion, what wasn't necessary at this case.

On average, in the Children's Hospital is performed about 200 surgeries to children with various heart diseases - 100 of them are an open-heart surgeries and the same amount of minimally invasive manipulations - without surgical intervention. As emphasized the head of the Children's Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery clinic Valts Ozolinsh, the minimally invasive valve implantation is rapidly developing today in Europe and around the world, it is very important technology in modern pediatric cardiology, especially if there have already been conducted a primary surgical corrections of congenital heart defects.

The clinic of Children's Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery is the only place in Latvia where is provided the inpatient and outpatient treatment of children with heart diseases from the birth to 18 years. Specialists of the clinic advises expectant mothers with suspected fetus heart defect, children and teenagers. Also they provide a varied diagnostics of heart and vessels using different survey methods like electrocardiography, echocardiography, Holter monitoring etc., consultations and treatment of children with congenital heart diseases, cardiomyopathy (heart muscle defect), acquired heart deseases and disorders of cardiac rhythm and conductivity.


Each year the clinic's experts consult more than 4,500 children ambulatory and about 1,600 children with various pathologies of the cardiovascular system are receiving treatment in the hospital.

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