Capital Clinic Riga offers to perform cancer predisposition testing


Genetic testing company „Asper Biotech” is established in 1999. Now it is a leading Estonian biotechnology exporter due to extensive services and the quality of the results. Besides genetic diagnostic services, „Asper Biotech” offers custom genotyping for national and global science and research organizations.

Capital Clinic Riga in cooperation with „Asper Biotech” offers two cancer predisposition testing panels. Testing panels are suitable for humans with or without family anamnesis of cancer. Panels include tests of 93 or 108 various gene mutations. The list of gene mutations includes common cancers as ovarian, breast, colorectal cancer, and rare cancers. Only 4 ml of blood is taken from client and sent to laboratory in Tartu. After 12 weeks client can get an answer about mutations. Our doctors will explain the answer and give recommendations to client.

The prices of general health examination program “Cancer screening” clients can find in web site of Capital Clinic Riga looking for Adult Services and Check - up programs >>

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Cancer genetic predisposition panel (93 genes) - 1750.00 €


Cancer genetic predisposition panel (108 genes) - 1995.00 €

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