Medical taping in gynaecology and obstetrics


Taping uses kinesio tape – single sided adhesive tape, made of natural material, having skin-like properties (thickness and stretchiness). Applying the tape, skin slightly rises, increasing the space between the skin and irritated tissue under it, thus reducing pressure on blood and lymphatic vessels and nerve terminals at irritated zone.

The procedure is completely safe and painless. This method causes practically no side effects, but on very sensitive skin redness or itching can occur in very rare cases. Then tape should be immediately removed.

Tape adjusts to skin, is thin enough and breathable, no restrictions for shower and water activities, do not cause slowness of motion.

As taping materials are available without prescription, people sometimes decide to apply tapes themselves. Unfortunately it makes no use, as to have an effect from tape precise knowledge of physiology is a must, as well as approach to person's problems should be individual. A physician, who wants to practice medical taping, has to qualify for a certificate proving the skills.

Properly applied tape gives effect at once and lasts for 24 hours a day about a week. If necessary, tape can be re-applied.


Taping in gynaecology and obstetrics is used in such cases:

  • The abdominal/back pain with pregnant women
  • The pubic symphysis (pelvic bone cartilaginous front connection) pain/instability
  • To reduce cervical tension
  • To eliminate headache
  • Leg/arm oedema
  • Varicose veins
  • Lactostasis
  • To reduce/eliminate menstrual pain
  • Muscle diastasis – prevention/therapy
  • Reduction of oedema after lymphadenectomy
  • Reduction of haematoma
  • Reduction of scars etc.

Pregnancy is an emotionally saturated time for every woman, yet pretty often involving body comfort and health related problems. As pregnancy causes various physiological changes, they might cause pain and/or discomfort – back pain, stiffness or tightness in pelvic area, swelling of ankles, burning in stomach etc.

During progress of pregnancy the lower back muscles experience particularly high load. The more the stomach of pregnant woman protrudes, the more the load to these muscles, whose task is to even up and stabilize balance, therefore almost all pregnant woman experience back pain.

During pregnancy period back pain treatment methods are limited and taping is one of most careful and suitable. The tape is applied to the lower part of the back, where it supports excessively strained tissue and helps to relieve overloaded muscles, improves the stand of a pregnant woman, and deadens muscle spasms.

Pregnant woman frequently suffer from swelling ankles (caused by hormonal changes, resulting in muscle relaxation not only in abdominal wall but in vein walls as well, furthermore growing baby mechanically slows down normal blood circulation, too). Taping technique helps to solve this problem, by applying tape over lymphatic vessel location – slightly lifting the skin and relieving pressure onto lymphatic vessels, thus reducing swelling.

Taping can also help, if growing child causes pressure onto diaphragm, thus embarrassing and making breathing shallow.

Taping is used in other cases as well:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment
  • Epicondylitis
  • Joint, muscle and ligament pain / trauma/ strain
  • Back pain
  • Headache
  • Oedema reduction
  • Vein varicose / thrombosis
  • Muscle tenseness reduction
  • Muscle weakness
  • Scar etc. reduction

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