Non-invasive laser treatment curing incontinence of urine and vaginal canal sagging syndrome


Inconti Lase is non-invasive method for the prevention of mild and medium severity incontinence of urine but Intima Lase is laser therapy method for non-invasive photo thermal toning of the vaginal canal and vaginal sagging syndrome of medium severity.

Method is suitable for patients having incontinence of urine after labour (especially labour of big foetus (4- 5 kg), several foetus and repeated labour, traumatic labour), also patients during menopause and post-menopause period.


Less invasive treatment- without cuts, ablation, bleeding and stitches.

Fast recovery – patients can get back to their daily activities immediately after treatment.

Speedy result. Usually only 2 treatments are necessary. If the doctor prescribes the third treatment, it is free of charge.

Clinical trials* in the world reveals not only that these are easily performable, safe and comfortable treatment methods, but also effective with very high patient satisfaction level (97%).

Specialists of CCR (gynaecologists and urologists) started to apply this treatment method first in Latvia and already after almost two years of experience they approved its comfortable usage both for doctors and patients, also emphasizing good results of the method. "Patients feel the difference already after the first manipulation – incontinence of urine and feeling of vaginal dryness has reduced almost for 70 – 95%. Frequently patients ask – is the second treatment also really necessary? That is recommended as mandatory – for securing of result. After the treatment patients having sagging of the vaginal canal and prolapsus emphasize significant improvement of the quality of sex life. But with this treatment we can’t help women having 3rd and 45th stage prolapsus of vagina, therefore it is important to commenced the treatment in due time, especially during post-labour period. Only currently we can’t provide answer about longitude of results as the method is relatively new. But even if gradually the result will reduce, women will definitely be winners – every year that is lived with high quality of life is worth it. And there are no limitations to the repeating of this treatment", says gynaecologist of CCR Ilona Kampara.

In total since purchase of laser CCR has performed manipulations to treat incontinence of urine and restore firmness of the vaginal canal for more than 120 patients and up to now no negative review has been received. Currently the oldest patient of CCR was 72 years old and she was very satisfied with the result – incontinence of urine has reduced for 95%, as well as feeling of discomfort due to vaginal dryness has disappeared.

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