Haemorrhoid surgeries in Latvia are performed with the most innovative method in the world


As representative of the company Covidien from USA Kellu Schneidermen explained this method is based on renowned scientific principles and has been officially approved and acknowledged as safe by the US Food and Drug Administration. Up to now more than 10 000 surgeries were successfully performed in USA with this method and everything went as planned. Research data indicate * that results comply with the anticipated. Patients did not have complains about complications,” informed K. Schneidermen.

HET system includes ligator with special tissue compression mechanism and temperature sensor with bipolar electrodes that generate heat energy. Device, which is placed in the rectum, has also LED light that improves visualisation. When the damaged blood vessels in the rectum are heated up to 60 C º temperature, they coagulate and terminate blood flow to internal haemorrhoid knots. Desired result is obtained with less damages of muscles and tissues at much lower temperature without applying other thermal methods, for example, laser. Technology is very precise because device automatically regulates energy power and length; therefore, it gives extra safety excluding application of improper parameters of power. Besides this treatment is much faster than other haemorrhoid surgeries. This technology allows to process bigger area, therefore also simultaneously treat symptomatic haemorrhoid illnesses of the I and II stage, that frequently require several treatments to solve the symptoms.

Head of the Proctology Service of the Baltic Vein Clinic of the HC4, Surgeon, Proctologist, Doctor A. Gardovskis admits that lately the number of patients who approach the doctor in due time is increasing, they do not hesitate and visit doctor as soon as the first flare-up of haemorrhoid illness begins. „Usually in the beginning when the illness is in early stage and haemorrhoid knots are only slightly expanded, medication therapy is applied. But for many patients this conservative treatment is difficult and not always give the desired result. HET method provides the chance to treat haemorrhoids at early stage in order the problem would not turn bigger. By implementing the HET method in Latvia, Health Centre 4 has become the first in Eastern Europe and Europe where haemorrhoid surgeries are performed with the latest and most-contemporary technology. It is a possibility to effectively and with less invasive (non-surgical) method to treat haemorrhoid illnesses in early stages. This kind of alternative was not available in Latvia up to this moment,” says Dr. A. Gardovskis.

HET surgeries are performed in outpatient care centres in light sedation (intravenous anaesthesia) and last only up to 20 minutes. After the surgery, patients can go home and they acknowledged that they did not feel increased discomfort.

* Study was performed in 2013 for 23 patients in the Hospital Case Medicine Centre of the University in USA. 

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