Health Centre 4 organizes vein health months in spring


Baltic Vein Clinic offers -

  • 40% DISCOUNT for the consultation of phlebologist with examination (price during the campaign period is 27.60 €, standard 46 €),
  • BOOK OF DISCOUNT COUPONS (consulting the phlebologist) with 50 special offers for your health! Discounts up to 50%!
  • DISCOUNT up to 150 € for any endovascular vein surgery (for client card holders) !
  • DISCOUNT 100 € for any endovascular vein surgery!
  • There will be also gifts!


For the eights year in a row Health Centre 4 (HC4) organizes spring campaign inviting the society to pay attention to the health of their veins, risks of disease, treatment and prevention. Within the frameworks of the campaign until April 30 Baltic Vein Clinic and other branches of the HC4 provides diagnostics of the venous diseases and vein surgeries for special prices.

Head of the Baltic Vein Clinics (BVC) Clinics of Dermatology and Clinics of Jugla Zane Rēvalde agrees that everyone dreams of beautiful and healthy legs. Z. Rēvalde explains: “One of the factors that significantly impact fulfillment of this dream are healthy veins. For the treatment of the veins BVC offers broader range of diagnostic and treatment methods in Latvia, including the unique treatment of veins with biological adhesive method (VenaSeal system) that is painless and does not anticipate heating or cutting of veins, thus completely excluding risk of damages of nerves. Significant advantage of the method – immediately after the surgery patient can return to his/her daily activities. Also we recommend you to use significant discounts for any endovenous vein surgery fulfilling dream about wholesome life without the feeling of discomfort which is especially significant when the summer season comes. It is important for us to provide the highest level of service and feeling of security to our clients, therefore I would like to remind you that patients after the surgery receive quality certificate issued by the BVC – lifelong guarantee that blood flow will not return in the operated vein but if it would happen, patient would receive treatment free of charge.” Find out more about the treatment methods here:

To greet the spring with healthy legs without the feeling of heaviness, HC4 recommends you to test the health of veins with 40 % discount and not postpone consultation of phlebologist, after the consultation you will get the chance to use 50 special offers.

Also very beneficial package of bonuses for the performance of vein surgeries are offered to the patients who receives the phlebologist consultation during the visits of the HC4 in any of the towns in Latvia.


BVC is part of the SIA Health Centre 4 that is the most experienced vein treatment institution in the Baltic countries and uses in their world renowned, innovative vein diagnostics and treatment methods. Both HC 4 have and BVC have received international quality management system certificate in compliance with the standard ISO 9001:2008 but in 2013 and 2015 HC4 have acquired you Quality Prize provided by the Latvian Medical Institutions. For the comfort of patients it is possible to perform vein examinations in the Baltic Vein Clinic, its branches and also during the regional visits of specialists.

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