Dr. Ints Ūdris from Baltic Vein Clinic spoke at the International Symposium on Endovenous Vein Treatment


The 4th International Symposium on Endovenous Vein Treatment using cyanoacrylate adhesive or "bioadhesive" method (VenaSeal™ system) was held in Mainz (Germany) on 16 April 2016.

This event annually brings together the best world-class experts, providing a unique opportunity for the leading experts in the field to discuss the latest developments in the field of phlebology.

Along with the leading European phlebologists and surgeons from Germany, the UK, Switzerland and Slovakia, Ints Ūdris, vascular surgeon and our leading specialist from Health Centre 4 and Baltic Vein Clinic, addressed audience and delivered the lecture "Treatment of large diameter saphenous veins with VenaSeal in Latvia".

It is important that Dr. I. Ūdris informed the audience about the bioadhesive application method customised/modified by him that provides better treatment outcomes, according to the physician's observations


We are proud of Dr. Ints Ūdris who delivered a lecture at the international level and presented his experience and knowledge to colleagues from all over Europe. 

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