A new method of scoliosis surgery for children has introduced in Latvia


Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine with vertebrae rotation, which is not rectifying by changing the position of the body. This disease affects 3 to 4 children in 1000, while 15% of them the disease progresses. This operation is a significant step in spine surgery as provides the opportunity to help relatively young children with spinal deformities. The new method provides an opportunity to correct a curvature of the spine and to stabilize it and also to achieve a natural growth of the spine together with the child.

 We carried out an operation with the Estonian leading spine surgeon from the Tallinn Children's Hospital, who has a long experience in using SHILLAGrowth Guidance System specifically designed for the growing child allowing natural growth and deformity correction of the spine. This new method will allow us to help more and more younger patients with early developing spinal deformities,” says orthopedic and spinal surgeon of the Children`s Hospital Janis Ositis, who guided the surgery.

Previously, such operations for Latvian patients could be made only abroad, but now it is possible to organize such treatment without leaving the country, thus avoiding additional worries for patients and their families.


During a year about 1,500 orthopedic surgeries are made at the Children`s Surgery Clinic of the Children`s Hospital and approximately 50 of them are surgeries of various congenital and acquired spinal deformities and trauma. Children`s surgery becomes less aggressive and helps to recover health faster by mastering modern and effective treatment techniques as well as using modern technology, thus reducing the postoperative period and the duration of the child's stay in hospital. A set of complex diagnostic and therapeutic measures is provided by high-skilled experts of anesthesiology, intensive care andnursing.

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