Arab journalists assess the opportunities of medical tourism and visit Health Centre 4!


Latvian Virotherapy Center in cooperation with the University of Latvia and the Latvian Institute organised the meeting with Abdel Bari Atwan* - an Arab publicist and opinion maker who is of great interest to the Latvian society. He visited Latvia together with Arab journalists who were planning to visit the best Latvian medical facilities, check the range of medical services and assess the opportunities of medical tourism. Baltic Vein Clinic and Clinic of Dermatology and Surgery of Health Centre 4 (HC4) were also selected as their destination.


HC4 clinics were visited by the journalist Abdulkarim Kaid who comes from the royal family of Qatar. As the journalist was pleasantly surprised by excellent equipment of the clinic and its exclusive and unique services, he promised to promote the cooperation in the field of medical tourism between the two countries.


This visit to Latvia was reflected in at least 7 leading Arabic media, and publications in media of other countries are also expected - Emirates Today, Al Arabi-London, Akher Khabar (USA), Ammon News (Jordan), AAks Elsair Daily (Syria). Journalists are planning to publish a series of articles about Latvia in general.

It was a great opportunity for us to address several tens of millions Arab-speaking people through media and to tell about Latvia as a partner of economic cooperation and tourism destination.

 *Abdel Bari Atwan is an excellent speaker, founder of independent Arab media, Arab world spokesman and a well-known Arab public figure taken into consideration by national leaders and quoted by the largest global media. The editor in chief of the newspaper Al Quds Al Arabi which has been repeatedly prohibited and censored in several Arab countries due to harsh criticism of autocratic power ruling in these countries, according to the newspaper. The author of several books who has met the leaders and celebrities from all over the world - Osama bin Laden, Margaret Thatcher, Jaser Arafat, etc.

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