Baltic Vein Clinic - One of the technologically most advanced phlebology clinics in Europe


Baltic Vein Clinic - One of the technologically most advanced phlebology clinics in Europe.

On 18 January, 2014, in Mainz, Germany, the Second International Symposium devoted to the vein treatment method with cyanoacrylate (biological adhesive) took place. Representatives from more than 15 European countries, as well as United States of America, participated in the Symposium. Also representatives from the Health Centre 4 (HC4) Baltic Vein Clinic (BVC) visited the symposium, amongst them vascular surgeon, phlebologist Ints Ūdris, surgeon, phlebologist Pēteris Gerke and surgeon, phlebologist Vladislavs Semeņuks. 

In considering that leading vascular surgeon, phlebologist of the HC4 BVC Ints Ūdris has performed one of the largest numbers of surgeries by using cyanoacrylate in Europe, he had the opportunity to introduce participants of the Symposium to the results of his activities. Dr. I. Ūdris presented informative report about his experience in vein treatment by using all thermal methods available in the world – laser, radio frequency and steam micro impulse methods, as well as cyanoacrylate technology that is one of the latest endovasal vein treatment methods.

Also ten colleagues from leading phlebology clinics of the other countries gave their reports. Following medical centres were represented in the Symposium - Praxisklinik für Venenheilkunde, Dermatologikum Hamburg, Volvat Medisinske Senter AS, University Medical Center Mainz, SAPHENION Praxisklinik and others sharing common interest in the concept of complex solutions for vein health. Those solutions anticipate that not only one specific vein treatment method should be offered to the clients but the one that is most appropriate and caring for the patient should be chosen by taking into consideration type of illnesses, side illnesses and financial options.

Also audience of the Symposium had the chance to observe the surgery with application of the endovasal cyanoacrylate method broadcasted from the Mainz University Clinic in presence. Within 20 minutes time after the surgery was performed patient could already answer questions about course of the surgery and together with the surgeon confute arguments of all sceptically positioned participants. Specialists could also practice to use the adhesive method on moulages. 


Professor of the Mainz University Clinic Thomas M. Proebstle and representative from the United States of America Nick Morrison informed audience about the course of clinical studies. Besides - last study allowed comparing cyanoacrylate method with other thermal vein treatment technologies. Previous studies were successful and demonstrate excellent safety of the technology amongst the studied patients. Also colleague, Dr. Carl Henrik Schelp from the Volvat Medisinske Senter JSC informed about patient surveys performed in Norway. 80% of the patients having surgery with the cyanoacrylate method admitted that they are very satisfied with the course and results of the surgery, 20% - were satisfied. All patients recommended this endovasal surgery to others.

Evaluations, comparisons and conclusions expressed in the Symposium attest that:

  • In endovasal vein surgery cyanoacrylate technology is being increasingly implemented in various countries of the world. This method provides high level of safety and comfort during the surgery and postoperative period. Vein is not removed but closed down with the catheter by injecting safe biological adhesive that is not harmful to the health with specially calibrated adhesive pistol. Anaesthesia is not needed during this surgery as there is not a thermal effect on the vein, surrounding tissues and nerves. You don’t need to wear compression socks after the surgery with biological adhesive;
  • That most notable phlebology clinics in the Western Europe in endovasal vein surgery applies thermal methods – laser, radio frequency, steam micro impulse method by combining them with cyanoacrylate technology and foam sclerotherapy;
  • Representatives of the HC4 ascertained that as to the applied range of diagnostics and treatment technologies HC4 Baltic Vein Clinic is one of the most technologically best equipped phlebology clinics in Europe.

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