Cells Enriched Plastic Surgery


A new and state-of-the-art scientific and medical method is one which involves the reinjection of stem cell-enriched fat graft in a way which opens up extensive opportunities for plastic and reconstructive surgery. This revolutionary method makes use of the patient’s own tissues - fat and stem cells. World’s leading plastic surgeons have named this no-scar operation method of combination of art and technology.  Patients do not have incisions or scars after the surgery.

We often encounter women who want to reduce the amount of fat in problem zones, and at the same time to enhance the size of their breasts. The reinjections of cells enriched fat graft are used to enlarge breasts, to conduct reconstructive operations, to ensure body reshaping, and to improve skin quality and volume.

How are the stem cells extracted?


The source of creating stem cells is patients' own fat tissues which are harvested from the stomack zome, hips, buttocks and arms. The harvesting of fat and the reinjection of
the resulting material involve a special processing machine called Cytori’s Celution®.  This makes it possible to purify the fat completely and get also stem cells out of fat tissues. Then stem cells are added to the purified adipose tissue and injected into the area of the face or body which has to be rejuvenated or treated.

The advantage of this surgery is that stem cells for reinjection are produced and simultaneously fat can be harvested from several problem zones in the body at once.

Under what circumstances are reinjections of stem cell enriched fat graft recommended?
A long-lasting restorative effect can be achieved by injecting cell enriched fat graft into facial skin, the décolleté area, and the arms.  This particular biomaterial can be used for breast reconstruction, adjustment of breast asymmetry, as well as to treat scars and soft tissue defects.

How long does the surgery take?
Patient is prepared simultaneously both for the harvesting of fat and for the reinjection of enriched stem cells fat graft.  Depending on the amount of fat that must be extracted and the complexity of the aesthetic or reconstructive operation that is to be conducted, the process can take between 2 and 4 hours.  The stages of the surgery are:

1)  Anaesthesia;
2)  Harvesting of fat from the stomach as well as, if necessary, form the hips, buttocks and arms.  This process takes about an hour, depending on the amount of fat that is to be extracted;
3)  Injection of enriched stem cells fat graft into treated part of the body. Localised anaesthesia can be used for facial skin rejuvenation or the handling defercts of small scars.  Breast enlargement or reconstruction operations occur under full anaesthesia.

How long will it take to recover from the surgery?
Immediately after the extraction of fat and injections cell enriched fat graft, the patient may feel a burning sensation or pain related to swelling. There can also be subcutaneous bleeding, but that will disappear in two to three weeks.

The results of facial rejuvenation are visible almost immediately, because the oval shape and the volume of facial skin is improved. Results from more extensive bodily operations will appear in two to three months. During this time, the body’s contours will be adapting to the areas from which the fat has been harvested and those to which stem cells have been grafted. The swelling will completely disappear, and the cell enriched fat graft will then be restoring tissue. The skin will appear healthy and be soft and natural.

What should thin patients do?
Even very skinny people have sufficient adipose tissue in their bodies to harvest and reprocess into stem cell-enriched fat graft for reinjection operation.

How safe and effective is this new method?
Laboratory and clinical testing in Japan, Israel, the United States and Switzerland have proven the successful results of this scientific and medical method.  It is both safe and long-lasting.  Injection of cell-enriched fat graft is used today for cosmetic surgery, breast reconstruction, heart disease treatment, and other areas.  Research is still being done to see whether the same can hold true for the treatment of lung and kidney disease, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, incontinence and other problems.

People often wonder whether this method might provoke the emergence of breast cancer.  Scientific research has shown that when breasts are enlarged via the use of cell enriched graft, the risk of breast cancer does not increase. 

Clinic of Plastic Surgery "Janis Gilis' , MD Private Clinic" is offering new method in aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgery – reinjection of stem cell fat graft. World’s leading plastic surgeons have named this no-scars operation method of combination of art and technology. Patients do not have cuts and scars after the surgery.This revolutionary method makes use of the patient’s own natural tissues - stem cell enriched fat graft for such purposes as to enlarge breasts, to conduct reconstructive operations, to ensure body reshaping, and to improve skin quality and volume.


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