Fungus is defeated by laser!


Nail fungus infection is the most common nail disease - it is found in more than 50% of cases of all changed nails. As the process is usually painless and disturbing only in terms of aesthetics, this disease is often neglected and untreated, especially considering the fact that it is hard to cure and the treatment is expensive. However, toe nail fungus will not disappear on its own and it is very contagious. Fungal infection spreads in direct contact and indirectly - when touching infected objects - towels, shoes, scissors, etc.

"Although it sounds hopeless, fungus can be cured! However, it will require self-discipline, long process and other seemingly insignificant aspects. Good news is that nowadays nail treatment does not require nail removal. Modern laser technologies have been used for nail fungus treatment for several years. One of the lasers used in anti-fungal therapy is diode laser which is now available in Latvia. In comparison with oral drug therapy, the cost of laser therapy is not higher, and it also has other positive aspects", says Marina Mihailova, dermatovenerologist of Health Centre 4 (HC4) Foot Centre.


Laser energy is converted into heat in the tissues, causing an increase in tissue temperature (hyperthermia) up to 45 Cº.  This temperature results in irreversible changes in fungal cells. Laser does not damage the surrounding tissues and does not affect the patient's health. There are no special restrictions for laser therapy; and it can be used for all types of fungus. However, as the laser will be beneficial only in case of fungus, it is important to make analyses prior to laser therapy - to get confirmation of fungal infection and determine its type in order to adapt the number of necessary laser procedures and corresponding drug therapy. The procedure lasts 20-30 minutes on average; 3 treatment sessions are usually required with an interval of 6-8 weeks. Toe nail structure is usually restored during 6 to 12 months, and hand nail structures - during 4 to 9 months. Therapeutic pedicure is recommended prior to laser therapy in order to achieve a better result. Laser therapy can be combined with oral drugs to achieve faster and more persistent result.

Laser therapy is recommended for the patients who suffer from anti-fungal drug intolerance, anti-fungal drug allergy; issues with liver and kidneys or digestive diseases. This therapy is also recommended if anti-fungal systemic therapy is impossible due to its interaction with other drugs; cicatrical nail tissue changes which hinder drug supply to the fungus-affected areas; in case of other inefficient therapy.  It is also used as the first-line method in children.

fox-iii_nail_41c78.jpgIn an integrated manner only!

In order to make therapy successful, first it is necessary to visit a physician - dermatologist who will make necessary analyses and draw a treatment plan. The duration of treatment depends on such factors as type of fungus, scope of damage, person's general health state and on responsible and thorough compliance with the physician's indications and hygiene requirements. Local therapy (ointments, special nail polish), therapeutic pedicure and other preventive activities are necessary in addition to oral drugs or laser therapy.

Dermatologist, trichologist of Beauty Clinic 4th Dimension emphasizes: "Treatment of fungus must be carried out in an integrated manner! If only one of these activities is carried out, most likely there will be no result. The physician - dermatologist should be entrusted with drug selection; pedicure should be made by a podologist with a medical diploma working in cooperation with a dermatologist. Furthermore, tools and instruments of all physicians are disinfected in a special modern autoclave in HC4 and all its departments. As the sterilisation process is also monitored using printouts, and several tests are run during this process, it ensures absolute sterility and safety".

Sock and shoe disinfection is a mandatory requirement!

If several members of the family have fungus, they must be treated at the same time; otherwise the people who were cured will be infected again from the others. Moreover, socks and shoes that have direct contact with nails and skin must be disinfected regularly, to prevent the contact of the feet with pathogenic germs after the treatment. It is especially important to put on these disinfected socks and shoes right after the laser procedure, otherwise the fungal infection that has just been eliminated will get back to its usual place and will not be cured. „HC4 pedicure offices* offers a great opportunity to disinfect these shoes in a special equipment during the procedure. Ozone and nano silver parts are delivered to shoes using a special ventilation system; they eliminate bacteria and fungi and destroy molecules of unpleasant odour. The procedure is sparing for shoes, as it does not use heat, fluids or chemicals. I recommend using this opportunity so that the efforts and financial investments in the treatment are cost effective", recommends Dr. M. Mihailova.

* Shoe disinfection device is available in HC4 Foot Centre (K. Barona 117, Riga, tel. 67847200), Clinic of Dermatology and Surgery (Skanstes 50, b. 5, 3rd floor, Riga, tel. 28381189) and beauty Clinic 4th Dimension (Pulkveža Brieža15, Riga, tel. 26655577) 

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