HC4 Baltic Vein Clinic obtained Quality Award of Latvian Healthcare Facilities


A unique event in the field of Latvian healthcare took place on 30 May in Pauls Stradiņš Medical History Museum: the Quality Award of Latvian Healthcare Facilities was awarded for the first time. The Quality Award was presented to the Latvian healthcare facilities that voluntarily applied for participation in assessment of their organisation's work according to worldwide recognised criteria for healthcare facility quality management.  



The Quality Award was presented by the Minister for Health Ingrīda Circene, and the Quality Award was presented in five nominations according to experts' evaluation. The Quality Award in nomination "Internal Profile Department" was won by Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital. The Quality Award in nomination "Surgical Profile Department" was won by the Department of surgery and day-care facility of Baltic Vein Clinic, Health Centre 4 (HC4). The Quality Award in nomination "Maternity Department" was won by Riga Municipal company SIA Rīgas dzemdību nams (Maternity Hospital). The Quality Award in nomination "Mental Profile Department" was won by VSIA Daugavpils psihoneiroloģiskā slimnīca (Daugavpils Psychoneurological Hospital). The Quality Award in nomination "Medical Centre" was won by Medical Centre Pļavnieki of AS Veselības centru apvienība.

11 healthcare facilities applied for the Quality Award. Each facility was evaluated by a team consisting of three experts. The e valuation was carried out based on the methods elaborated during the project which provided for the evaluation of facilities' activities in 5 areas: management processes and responsibility; employees' competence; safe environment for patients and employees; patients' clinical care; quality and safety improvement.

Minister for Health Ingrīda Circene:

"The quality must be the basis of each healthcare service; this is the factor that will make us competitive. I highly appreciate the initiators of this project and criteria and methods for patients; safety and quality management evaluation which allow healthcare facilities implementing comprehensive quality and safety management. The healthcare facilities that were brave enough and applied voluntarily for evaluation proved to be progressive, cooperation and development- oriented.  I am certain that the Quality Award can become a tradition and universally recognised aim for everyone working in this field".


Zane Rēvalde, head of HC4 Baltic Vein Clinic:

"I am glad that we participated in this pilot project and I am certain that this award will stimulate us improve the quality. Baltic Vein Clinic is very proud of its highly-qualified, multi-disciplinary and modern team of doctors who implement our quality standards, maintain and help to improve them. It is very important, as the quality is our highest priority."

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