HC4 opens MRI office in the private clinic ORTO built according to the highest standards.


Health Centre 4 (HC4) opened the second Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) office on a sunny autumn day when leaves were falling down outside 

Currently the most powerful MRI device Siemens MAGNETOM Spectra in Latvia with the magnetic field strength 3T (tesla) was installed in the Diagnostic Department of ORTO Clinic (1a Bukultu Street, Riga). The device allows obtaining pictures of excellent quality and making a correct diagnosis. It is a special device, as it allows performing simultaneous whole body scan which has been impossible in Latvia until now. The possibility of this examination is an additional advantage for cancer patients, as early metastases cannot be found without full body scan. Moreover, it is an irreplaceable diagnostics of small joints, small organs, and in case of multiple sclerosis, visualising several lesions which cannot be done using other standard MRI devices.

Māris Rēvalds, chairman of HC4 board, expressed his gratitude to healthcare professionals of ORTO clinic for their work during implementation of this project, as a result of which a private hospital constructed from the ground as per the highest standards. "HC4 created a diagnostic "island" of the highest level, and I am very happy to be in one boat with ORTO. Just like this hospital, the new 3T MRI device is not a regular device. We are happy to be the first ones who took this step and installed the most expensive and the most informative diagnostic technology in Latvia", says M. Rēvalds.

Colleagues from other divisions, private clinics and hospitals sent their sincere congratulations to M. Rēvalds due to opening of HC4 MRI office.

Jānis Bendiks, executive director of Latvian Microsurgery Centre, offered a watch with a "touch" by Salvador Dali and wished Health Centre 4 maintain accuracy and artistic ardour, as doctor's work is also art.

The representative of Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital noted that we can draw a lesson from everyone in life, and we should learn how to develop technologies from Health Centre 4.

The representatives of insurance companies also attended the ceremony and admitted that the cooperation with HC4 is dynamic, as the range of services is constantly enlarged with new innovations.

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