If you have chosen to test your veins...



What the person needs to know when he/she is going to test the health of one’s veins, explains Head of the Baltic Vein Clinic and Dermatology and Surgery Clinic of the Health Centre 4 Zane Rēvalde. Tests, consultations, examinations, treatments, surgeries all are available in one place – Health Centre 4.

  • What a person should do if he/she has decided to test veins in the Health Centre 4?

   When you call to the reception of the Health Centre 4, receptionist will offer you a convenient time for the visit to the specialist. If the patient has found out information about specific vein treatment specialist on the Internet or other mass media, then the receptionist of the Health Centre 4 can sign you up exactly to this specialist. During the visit you will be greeted by the attending physician and the nurse. If you have some previous vein health examination results, definitely bring them with you.

  • What examination methods are applied to examine health of the veins in the Health Centre 4?

   Duplex scan is used – this method allows determining extent of the damage of valves of veins and demonstrates segments where the vein is damaged. Information about the health of veins is acquired approximately within 10 to 20 minutes. It is determined if the veins are ill and surgery is required, or if the blood-vessels are healthy and there is only a cosmetic defect – visually seen network of the blood vessels on legs. Computer tomography phlebography is applied in case of necessity. It provides exclusive option to observe the whole system of deep veins in totality to valuably judge the problem.


  • What if the surgery is not required only the visually observable veins need to be prevented cosmetically?

   Then we frequently prescribe medications for the improving of the health of veins, as well as recommend compression socks. Also these socks you can purchase in the Health Centre 4, type of socks is selected for every person individually on the basis of 3 D measurements. It is possible to perform sclerotherapy or any of the cosmetic phlebology treatments at the same day, if only the person is ready. When sclerotherapy is applied for the treatment of veins after this manipulation person should consistently observe several preconditions, for example, wear of compression socks, also tanning is not allowed. It is also possible to use mechanic lymph drainage for the whole body to promote blood circulation and lymph flow.


  • What a person should observe when preparing for the surgery?

   During the consultation doctor decides which will be the most appropriate vein surgery method for the person. Then surgery date is set, surgery description is given, as well as description of the pre-and post-operative routine, patient consent form, phone number for the communication with nurse if patient has any questions. Examinations that need to be performed before the surgery are indicated (for example, blood tests, and electrocardiogram) – these examinations can be performed just there in the Health Centre 4. On a day before the surgery we make a call to the patient – and if nothing has changed, patient is operated.

  • How does a vein surgery take place?

   Person is greeted by the nurse, taken to the surgical ward where patient changes. Before surgery and afterwards patient can stay in the comfortable ward with special beds and special chairs that are provided for the convenience of the patient. Also TV and internet is available. By applying modern vein surgery methods, general anaesthesia is not required. Local pain killing is performed, by introducing pain killing medication in the leg that will be operated. In cases when biological adhesive is used, pain killing is not required. Surgery lasts approximately one hour and patient does not feel pain during the surgery, he/she can communicate with the doctor. An hour after the surgery patient is allowed to go home but can choose to stay longer in the day care facility of the Baltic Vein Clinic.


  • Please tell about the cooperation of the patient and doctor after the surgery!

When thermal (laser surgery, radio frequency, steam micro impulse) methods are applied you will need to visit the doctor for the changing of bandages on the next day after the surgery. Second recommended time for visiting doctor is 10 days after the surgery, third – after a month, fourth – after 1 year. If the person feels discomfort after the surgery, he/she can call the doctor and have a consultation on the phone. During the post-operative period person should observe recommendations of the doctor. They are related to the wearing of compression socks after thermal vein surgery methods, usage of certain medications. If the person is treated with biological adhesive method, compression socks are not needed.

  • What are the advantages of the Health Centre 4 as to the treatment of veins?

   Those are wide range of possibilities so the person can choose the most suitable vein surgery method, as well as in many cases we can combine several methods in order to provide the most beneficial result to the patient. Baltic Vein Clinic of the Health Centre 4 has the biggest experience in the treatment of veins, in this area we are first discoverers and experts. People with vein problems should very carefully evaluate offers of clinics that use only one specific vein treatment method, as it can not be applied to everyone.

  • What is the surgery quality certificate that is given to the patient?

   That is a written document handed out to every patient who has undergone surgery. Baltic Vein Clinic of the Health Centre 4 guarantees quality of the work. If some problems occur in the segment where the vein was operated or there is a recurrent illness episode, clinic prevents it free of charge.

   Our company has introduced the quality management system acknowledged by the ISO 9001 certificate which guarantees that company offers world class level product quality and services. There are regular inspections performed in the Health Centre 4 to make sure that work is done accordingly to established quality standards, novelties and various advancements are constantly introduced in the activities of the centre.

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