New technologies and great opportunities in our Clinic of Dermatology and Surgery!


The therapeutic technology park of Clinic of Dermatology and Surgery of Health Centre 4 has obtained valuable additions. Now the clinic has CO2 fractionated laser and ELOSplus diode laser with radiofrequency energy which is a true global innovation in the field of esthetic dermatology; it allows solve various esthetic and medical issues in a faster, much more efficient and sparing way.

CO²RE fractionated laser therapy

is a laser procedure equal to plastic surgery – safe, sparing procedure to restore skin health and youth! It is used to improve skin tone and freshness, contract and smooth pores, remove various pigments, restore the skin, eliminate the signs of ageing and smooth wrinkles on face, neck, arms and breast, reduce scars of various origin (as a result of injury, surgery, burn and other scars). It is especially effective after acne rash!


The new technology considerably differs from all other technologies, as laser impact depth and power can be changed depending on the skin type and issue. Laser resurfacing destroys damaged skin cells without hurting healthy tissues. Unlike other classic ablative lasers, fractionated laser has pinpoint impact, therefore recovery period after therapy is much shorter, and scars are removed at the cellular level. After wound healing the skin will start to revive and produce new collagen, and will continue to do so for six months after the procedure.


ELOSplus laser technology

combines bipolar radiofrequency and optic laser energy. This next generation multifunctional model was launched in the European market in June 2012 and now is the only device in Latvia! ELOSplus lasers have a wide selection of applicators with a combination of different physical factors: radiofrequency (RF) + intense pulsating light (IPL) energy; RF energy + diode laser; RF energy + infrared light (IF) which ensures much more effective treatment of the deeper skin layers, provides more comfort and safety. TRINITI procedures can help you solve different esthetic issues, such as unwanted hair removal, complex facial rejuvenatiuon (lifting, pigmentation elimination, reduction of wrinkle depth, etc.), scars and stria correction, and treatment of large blood vessel defects.


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