The latest breast cancer screening method is available in Latvia!


However, if this disease is diagnosed in due time and discovered at an early stage, it is possible to successfully overcome it. Now Latvia provides breast screening using Hologic Selenia Dimensions, digital mammography unit with tomosynthesis that is the only equipment of the kind in the Baltic States. It provides the possibility to examine breasts within the framework of standard mammography not only faster and more comfortably, but also deeper.

Two exams are made during one – digital mammography and profound screening ensured by tomosynthesis. This examination method is much more accurate, allows earlier detection of changes and possible pathology, because professionals have the ability to scroll through the layers of the breast, visualize individual breast structures at each level and to visualize a mobile image from 3 sides.

Benefits for patients:

Better feeling and comfort during the screening that lasts 4, 5 seconds only for one projection.

The woman feels absolutely no pain. because the screening is performed using a mobile paddle that adapts to the breast shape. To perform screening more successfully, the unit fixes itself the power to compress unit’s paddles according the physiological make-up of the woman’s height, as well as automatically searches for a breast screening area making it closer to the spine. The screening includes all the gland up to the nipple.

Thanks to the short screening time the radiation dose is lower.

Screening results are saved in the electronic database of patients, each subsequent examination may be dynamically compared to the previous ones. Mammography test costs 59,20 Eiro.

This unique digital mammography unit with tomosynthesis is used in Europe for 3 years already and a convincing positive experience has been obtained. Tomosynthesis technology is considered to be the greatest achievement in the development of mammography methods in the last 35 years and now it is available in Latvia in Veselības centrs 4.

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