Unique opportunities for gastrointestinal examinations


Medical company  ARS has procured Olympus EVIS EXERA III the most up to date, latest generation video endoscopy equipment in the world. Thus becoming the only medical centre in Latvia with this technology.


The EVIS EXERA III is made by Olympus technology research and development specialists in collaboration with the world’s leading gastroenterology and endoscopy doctors. The devices optical and digital specifications have revolutionised endoscopic examinations bringing in new standards that will positively influence examinations and medical treatment opportunities in the future.

The new Olympus EVIS EXERA III presents unique and novel diagnostic opportunities, which are particularly fundamental for early gastrointestinal disease and new growth detection and therapy.

Most important innovations:

  • High resolution digital imaging that enables the detection of even the most minuscule changes to the structure of the mucous membrane;

  • Makes it possible to thoroughly inspect tissue in revolutionary proximity – 2 mm distance from the wall of the mucous membrane;

  • If necessary, images can be enlarged during an examination up to a cellular level;

  • It is possible to look at mucous with a proprietary Olympus technology called "Narrow Band Imaging" (NBI), that enables capillary network evaluation and the identification of pathological tissue from normal tissue at the very beginning of illness;

  • A substantially improved user interface makes the examination more pleasant for both the doctor and the patient;

  • A wide range of image documentation and comparison possibilities.

Narrow band imaging (NBI) mode enables the evaluation of the intestinal mucous membrane. This mode enables differentiating between the pathological mucous membrane from the normal one by analysing capillary networks at the very early stages of illness.


Images show the same intestinal mucous membrane:

a) A mucous membrane without any visible pathologies;

b) The same mucous membrane with pathological changes, using Olympus EVIS EXERA III NBI mode.

To be able to undergo these procedures a referral note from a specialist doctor is necessary. This service is paid for by insurance agencies.

Gastroscopy and colonoscopy examinations are performed by:

  • Gastroenterologist, endoscopist Dr Anita Lapiņa;

  • Gastroenterologist, endoscopist Dr Andra Altberga;

  • Gastroenterologist, endoscopist Dr Dabri Abdul Massih

To sign up for an examination, please call: +371 67201006; +371 67201007; +371 67201008.

Riga office: Str.Baznīcas 31, Rīga, Latvia. +371 202 116 11, info@baltic-care.eu