VelaShape II- innovation for the cellulite treatment and body contouring


VelaShape II operates with the patented ELOS (electro optical synergy) technology combining Bi-Polar RF (radio-frequency), IR (infrared), and pulsed vacuum and mechanical action (massage rollers) and is added to the equipment assisted treatment range of the Beauty clinic 4th Dimension. Due to its effectiveness and comfort it prevails over all other methods provided for the treatment of cellulite, restoration of the elasticity of the skin and correction of the body shape.

These treatments are used for the elimination of cellulite, improvement of the body contours and structure of the skin, after liposuction, after rapid weight loss, for the tightening of the skin and correction of the body shape in postnatal period etc. Uniqueness of this method hides in the fact that in comparison with other body shape correcting methods four factors with the adjustable intensity of action operate simultaneously. IR (infrared) light act onto the deepest subcutaneous tissues, Bi-Polar RF (radio-frequency) onto the superficial layers of the skin but electromagnetic spectrum energy restores balance of electrolytes in the cells. On their turn, joint action of the vacuum and massage rollers provides much closer interaction between the treated areas of the skin and source of the heat, as well as improves micro circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage.


Combination of methods provides effective heating of both the superficial and deep layers of the skin and improved metabolism of the skin promotes reduction of the volume. IF together with RF performs lifting functions.




VelaShape II technology is equipped with two applicators: VSmooth and VContour.

Big applicator VSmooth combines effects of the Bi-Polar RF (radio-frequency), IR (infrared) and mechanical manipulations with the help of a vacuum pump and massage rollers. It is used for the correction of the body shape, treatment of cellulite on the stomach, buttocks and hips.

Smaller applicator VContour combines effects of the Bi-Polar RF (radio-frequency), IR (infrared) and mechanical manipulations with the help of a vacuum pump. It is used for the elimination of the symptoms of cellulite and correction of the hard-to-reach-places of the body (atonic skin of the upper arm–„wings of an angel”, breasts).

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